window tinting building

Commercial and Residential Window Tinting - A highly popular product, particularly suited for offices and other commercial buildings. This is available in a range of colours that will enhance any architectural finish. This product is proven to significantly reduce glare and excessive heat build-up internally, also minimizing your air conditioning costs. This will transform your premise into a far more comfortable working environment.

Our window films can be fitted to existing glass or windows to create a simple, cost-effective solution to most of the problems of ‘ordinary’ glass.

We offer an extensive range of films, all manufactured from an advanced, micro-thin polyester. Each one is designed and developed for its special performance characteristics, from containing cracked glass to creating ‘hi-tech’ reflective window systems.



- Improving your working environment
- Reduction in excessive heat and glare from the sun
-Creates a private environment
- Opportunities to integrate branding and logos

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